More than just a sport. It's a club!

UTS Karate-do Club

is a traditional karate - do dojo
where we welcome both beginners and experienced karate-ka alike!

For new beginners we will teach you in traditional, authentic Itosu-ryu karate-do. Please visit our web site for more information on the style, and www.itosukai.org for more information on the style and teachers in Australia.

Come for extra training session with other experienced karate-ka. You can wear your uniform and belt, and just train in your style (kata, kumite, self-defense bunkai). Supervised by referees who know a variety of styles (shotokan, goju-ryu, shito-ryu).

Why do karate-do?

Karate-do is a form of mindfulness training, combined with physical conditioning and learning self-defence. Learning karate-do is a great way to:
Stay fit and healthy
Relax your mind
Learn to protect yourself
Feel more confident
Make new friends

What is karate-do?

Karate-do (known simply as karate outside of Japan) is a traditional weaponless Japanese martial art that was developed originally in Okinawa hundreds of years ago. It was brought to mainland Japan by the "grandfather of modern karate-do" - Itosu Ankoh, who taught the founders of the main modern styles. It is a combined system of stances, blocks, strikes, kicks, sweeps, elbows, locks and throws - some call it the original mixed martial art! We learn and teach three main areas, all underpinned by "kihon" (basics).



These are the foundation building blocks of any karate-do and we ensure you are learning them and practising them at every lesson. If you have learnt before with another style you can practise your style, and if you are new then we will teach you in one of the most popular Japanese traditional karate-do styles - Itosu-ryu (link to itosu-ryu.net).


Patterns of forms

These beautiful, elegant and dynamic routines are ways of memorising self-defence moves and practising important basics in various directions. You train the body and spirit in mindfulness, concentrating on breathing and control of your body.


Self-defence techniques

These are the self-defence applications from the kata. Practising these many times will embed the self-defense movement into your "muscle memory" or deep into your sub-conscious. Because Karate-do is a self-defence martial art, all moves react to an attack and involve blocks, throws, punches, strikes, kicks, sweeps, joint locks and more. We practise this in pairs in a timed and safe manner so that you can get used to being attacked and defending yourself slowly.



This is a type of safe fighting in pairs with protective gear. We practise kumite both for points in accordance with WKF sports karate rules, and also more traditional dojo sparring where more free-form techniques are allowed. This means our karate is contact to the body but non contact to the head, and many dangerous techniques are not allowed during practice. This maintains a safe form of practice.

Why train or learn at UTS?

Our students are awesome
Come and meet our students! Not only are we interested in karate-do, we're also interested in Japanese culture too! Doing karate-do is a great way to meet other people too and get a community of friends to hang out with at university or afterwards!

Our club is awesome
We're a student-run club and we operate for the benefit of UTS students! That means we keep our fees low for UTS students and run solely for the benefit of UTS students. Because we are interested in Japanese and Asian culture (and food!), we often go for a club-subsidised meal after training. We always welcome new students and visitors from overseas or other clubs, and you can train in your own style if you already know karate-do.

Our teachers are awesome
Our teachers are all fully qualified under NCAS and Australian Sports Commission and are experienced at teaching, as they teach at other dojos in Sydney. We organise to have international teachers attend, like from Canada or Japan. Many of our teachers have competed before, earning places at world and national tournaments, and have trained national and international champions and medallists.



5pm-6:30pm (all)


5:30pm-6:30pm (beginners)


6pm-7:30pm (experienced)

8 week program

Week1 Learn 3 blocks, 3 kicks and 3 stances, basic self-defence moves
Week2 Learn punches and moving stances, learn first basic kata
Week3 Learn advanced kicks, advanced blocks and Pinan Nidan kata
Week4 Learn bunkai (self-defence) of Pinan Nidan kata
Week5 Learn basic kumite (sparring) techniques
Week6 Revise previous kata and learn Pinan Sandan kata
Week7 Learn ukemi (break-falls) and basic leg-sweeps
Week8 Revise ukemi and learn basic throws


  • UTS Students
  • <$6/lesson with
  • $200 for 16 weeks unlimited pass (incl +1 free trial week)
  • $8/casual lesson with
  • $160 for 20 lesson vouchers
  • $15 per casual lesson
  • $500 for a year pass. your first pass includes a free uniform or UTS Karate T-Shirt
  • price includes UTS Karate club membership
  • General Prices
  • <$12/lesson with
  • $460 for 12 weeks unlimited pass +1 free trial week
  • $17.5/casual lesson with
  • $350 for a 20 lesson voucher book
  • $30 per casual lesson
  • $920 for year pass. your first pass includes a free uniform or UTS Karate T-Shirt
  • price includes UTS Karate club membership
For your first training session wear comfortable and loose sports clothing.
No shoes or socks needed as we train barefoot.
Earrings, necklaces and other jewellery should be removed before class.

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